‘Rookie Blue’ ‘Coming Home’ Recap: What’s Right and Wrong

Rookie Blue season 3 continued with episode 6, “Coming Home.” It began with Andy and Sam baking together (unsuccessfully) for her housewarming party. Claire interrupted their fun with home movies and offered to pick up food for her party. Dov was still driving Crystal around and quizzing her for exams.

Traci commented that working with and dating Jerry had some drawbacks—she was becoming his “mini-me.” She wasn’t the only one noticing; Gail cracked a joke about it. Dov ignored Sue’s call while working out, and Nick commented that relationships were complicated. “Keeping it light” was better, and Chris brought up him and Gail.

Best cut Nick loose in the meeting before telling everyone with the all-night shift, it was up to them to protect people even if they didn’t want them to. His first night without a T.O. and Nick was riding with Chris (awkward). Dov and Chris got Andy a fondue pot (and used it) for her housewarming. Gail noted that Dov was avoiding Sue when he ignored her call. When he brought up her and Nick, she said she liked how things were. When his phone rang while he was getting coffee, she answered it thinking it was Sue. It was Crystal.

Andy and Sam broke up a party and heard a scream. They found a guy injured and told everyone to stay where they were. The victim was stabbed and they had the knife. They didn’t find any ID on him. Nick noted a tattoo reading “AB+” on the victim as he and Chris were going to the hospital with him. The officers talked to the kids at the party, and a girl with blue hair ran after kicking Gail. Andy and Sam caught her, and it turned out she was Oliver’s daughter, Izzy. She begged them not to tell Oliver, and Andy suggested they sneak her into a car. Sam asked if she saw anything. She didn’t, and Sam agreed.

Gail wanted to talk to the kid who kicked her, and Andy tried to distract Oliver. However, he saw Izzy, who said it was just a party. He told them to take Izzy in. At the station, an officer told Sam she had the information he requested. He was looking into Claire. Andy walked away. Back at the scene, Dov talked to Amber, who had a sweater with blood on it in her bag. She said she never saw it before.

Andy tried to talk to Izzy. Oliver was trying to protect her. It was different from how Sam was trying to protect her. When he joined them, Izzy admitted she “took some oxy, whatever.” Oliver called Zoe, who thought Izzy was home. She took her home, and Oliver said he’d come over after work. Zoe told him no and Izzy had been like that ever since he left.

Oliver revealed that Amber was Izzy’s best friend. Jerry told Amber they assumed the sweater wasn’t hers, but she was hiding something. Traci pulled him into the hall and said she got it. She thought he was enjoying bossing her around, but he said that was the job. Chris and Nick talked to the victim, Alan, who said he was looking for a place to stay. He went to leave when the kids arrived and saw a girl in trouble. He tried to help, and the guy stabbed him. The girl was Izzy. When Oliver went looking for Izzy, she was gone.

Jerry went back to talk to Amber, who said she didn’t know Izzy well. When she didn’t tell him anything, he turned to Traci for help. She brought in the backpack, and her mother said it wasn’t hers. It was Izzy’s. She grabbed it because she didn’t want her to get in trouble. Izzy was with T.K., an older dealer. Oliver set out to find out what he knew, leaving Zoe to wait in case Izzy came home.

Gail asked Dov about Crystal, and he said he drove her around every once in a while so he never forgot what he did. Noticing a wedding ring, Nick asked Alan if there was someone they could call for him. There wasn’t. Since Alan had served too, Nick wanted to do something to help him.

T.K. has some charges against him, including drug, assault, and rape. Jerry told Sam they had to keep Oliver away from it. It was too late for that. Oliver forced his way into the apartment and demanded to know where Izzy was. Izzy appeared, face bruised, and Oliver dragged T.K. into a room and closed the door. Sam and Andy found Izzy and told Oliver to open the door. He said he had it covered, and they opened the door to find him holding a gun on T.K. He was thinking of shooting and said with his record, it would be justifiable. Sam said they’d back him up. It was Izzy begging him not to that stopped Oliver.

Chris told Nick they found Izzy and asked if he found Alan’s wife. She wanted nothing to do with him. He had no one, and Nick thought that was why he signed up. Chris suggested an outreach program. Dov admitted he didn’t know what he was doing with Crystal, and Gail said he couldn’t punish himself forever. He was going to end it. Oliver brought Izzy home, and Zoe invited him in.

Sam told Andy he was going to back Oliver up no matter what, and Andy asked if that was what he was doing with her. It was. When she got home, the party was in full swing thanks to Claire. Traci told Jerry she knew he was doing what was right. Dov went to see Crystal and tried to end it, but she refused to let him. He apologized, and she asked him not to go.

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