‘Rookie Blue’ ‘Messy Houses’ Recap: Domestic Problems and Unplanned Reunions

Rookie Blue season 3 continues with episode 5, “Messy Houses.” Andy makes Sam get up with her when she remembers it’s her father’s birthday. However, Tommy’s celebrating with a woman from the program.

Chris has been successfully online dating (and without a photo since he said he’s a cop). Dov tells him he’s ready for his first day, but he doesn’t want anyone making a big deal. Traci’s been fighting with Dex over what days she gets Leo, especially since she cheated on him. Jerry calls himself an elephant since he’s all about monogamy.

When Chris and Andy respond to a domestic disturbance call, they find Rick and Dana arguing outside. Dana claims Rick screwed up by drinking. He says she’s been crazy since the baby was born. Chris suggests Rick find somewhere to crash for the night. Dana has the baby outside when Connor walks out with a gun. He wants the police to leave.

Chris knows Connor’s protecting his family, but the longer they stand there, the more trouble there’ll be. More cops arrive, and Connor hides inside. Rick has a long list of priors. Claire McNally from Child Services shows up, and when Sam directs her to Dana, Andy sees her mother again. She steps aside. Nick goes nextdoor to check out the layout and hears drilling and Rick and Connor fighting.

The police move in and find them in Connor’s room. Rick has the gun and hands it over. Then they find a stash of guns. Andy takes Claire aside and says she has to question the parents. Claire’s going to place the kids with Dana’s sister, which she’ll hate. Andy comments that it’s hard for some people to be away from their kids.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Dov respond to a call from a man who claims his wife is missing…after going looking for something in the spare room. The house is a mess, and he thinks she’s somewhere inside. Rick’s taking full responsibility of the guns, which means Claire’s free to go. Any time she spends with the kids has to be under her sister Eva’s supervision.

Claire tries to talk to Andy. She’s been trying to get in touch since she left. She called every Sunday, but Tommy wouldn’t let her talk to her. Andy suggests he was looking out for her best interest. Andy walks away and runs into Claire, who’s not happy she has to deal with Eva. Rick says he’s holding the guns for someone, but he won’t say whom.

The man tells Oliver and Dov his wife was looking for her suitcase, and Dov thinks he’s lost it. Oliver says they should keep looking. Back at the station, Jerry’s facing trouble since the guns Rick had are ones Jerry seized already and signed off on the demolition of. It turns out he didn’t witness the disposal since he had a romantic weekend in Niagara Falls planned. Nancy offered to take the guns for him, and Jerry tells Traci to let him handle it.

Andy stops by to talk to Tommy about seeing Claire. She did call, but not every week, and he tells her she needed things to be stable since she was so young back then. She left them, and he didn’t need her rubbing in for whom. Oliver and Dov continue to go through the messy house, and Oliver confesses that Zoe kicked him out and he’s been living in a motel. Dov still thinks the wife left and goes to make calls.

Meanwhile, Dana took Eva’s car and the kids. Eva admits she hasn’t been doing well and has been terrified of losing the kids. Dana and Rick have both been drinking. Eva’s worried about what Dana will do to the kids, but Claire says she won’t hurt them. They find the car parked at the lake, and though it looks deserted, Connor’s inside. He claims to have driven there by himself, and then says he’s not allowed to say where Dana and the baby are. Sam takes him back to the station.

Traci continues investigating the guns and talks to Nancy, then tells Jerry she’s lying. Jerry wanted her to leave it alone, and that’s because he was having an affair that weekend. Claire tries to talk to Connor and finally gets him to talk when she says he can talk to Rick for a bit if he cooperates. That’s how they find out Dana’s at his grandmother’s old house, and once there, they find Dana unconscious after overdosing.

When Andy hands the baby to Claire, Claire tells her she doesn’t have to know her if she doesn’t want to. Back at the station, Rick tells Connor he’s an amazing kid. He shouldn’t have had the guns in the first place and will cooperate with the police. The man with the messy house insists his wife wouldn’t have left him. Oliver tells him he needs help and no one would put up with his condition, but then finds the suitcase—and the wife.

Best is talking to Nancy about the guns. Jerry tells Traci things are different and he’s happy. He would never cheat on her: “You turned me into an elephant.” “I guess we’re both elephants,” Traci replies. Chris pulls Gail aside and tells her he should’ve trusted her. She’s trying to figure things out with Nick and apologizes. Chris tells her she was just one of many options. Meanwhile, Dov may be back at work, but he admits to Oliver he can’t stop thinking he killed someone.

Andy asks Claire why she “had to move back.” She blames Tommy for why she left and asks to have dinner. Andy can do coffee. As she and Sam are leaving, she makes him promise not to walk out if things go south with them. He’s not going to let her get rid of him without a fight.

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