‘Rookie Blue’ ‘Out of Time’ Recap: Tragedy Strikes 15 Division

Rookie Blue season 3 continues with episode 9, “Out of Time.” It begins with Andy finding Gail unconscious, but her attacker grabs Andy and knocks her out with an injection. The next morning, Jerry shows Traci houses with an extra room for a nursery “someday.” She’s not as sure, but he says they have plenty of time to discuss it.

At work, Oliver finds Noelle looking at colors for the nursery and reassures her she has time. Jerry gives Sam a pocket-watch as his best man’s gift, but since it’s bad luck to give a watch as a gift, he suggests Sam give him a few dollars. Frank and Jerry report the discovery of Nicole’s body to the officers, and Sam steps out to call Andy. She wakes up to the ringing phone, but Gail’s gone.

While officers look over her apartment, an EMT checks over Andy. She needs to go to the hospital so they can take her blood and figure out what she was injected with. Luke joins them and reports that the guy kept Nicole alive. They have 14 hours to find Gail, who wakes up cuffed and blindfolded.

Once Andy has given her blood, which is sent to the lab, she heads into work while Traci and Noelle wait around. Jerry asks Nick about Gail’s calls, and he explains he didn’t check his messages until the morning. Luke has Chris and Nick look through case files to find any similarities because the more they can tie to him, the better chance they have. Andy insists on working, and Jerry sends her and Sam to the bar to find out if Charlie returned after they released him. Chris confronts Nick about not answering his phone and says Gail deserves better—someone who wouldn’t let this happen to her. However, Nick’s right, and hitting him won’t help them find her.

Gavin’s immediately willing to help when he finds out Gail was taken. Jerry has Charlie back in interrogation, but Charlie insists he doesn’t know where Gail is, even after Jerry threatens him. He says he went home and there are cameras that will confirm that. Gail’s abductor is keeping her hydrated with an IV and tells her he’s going to get her all fixed up. He sedates her again.

Charlie’s alibi checks out, so they need a new suspect. Luke has found other murders with similarities, and the connection is the hotel. It looks like it’s someone who works there. At the hospital, Noelle’s going into labor, but she doesn’t want to have her baby yet. Traci wants to call Frank, but Noelle says he has enough to worry about. Andy points out the bartender, who does have a record. Jerry says they have to prove it’s him and suggests they talk to the cab driver to see if he noticed he was followed. Andy says they don’t have time, so Jerry sends her and Sam to the hotel while he checks out the cab driver.

At the hotel, the bartender runs when he sees them, but it turns out he has drugs in his pocket and an alibi—he was DJing after work. Noelle’s contractions are half an hour apart. Jerry calls Traci back; he’s had problems taking his phone off mute. They’re looking for someone with medical training. She’d join him on his lead, but Noelle’s in labor. Jerry goes up to the driver’s house, and Ross lets him in. A look at his shoes reveals he’s their guy.

Ross never would’ve guessed Gail was a cop from how she was dressed and says he may have been followed. He goes to check his log when Jerry asks what time he dropped her off. Everyone at the bar checks out, but outside, Andy and Sam realize cab drivers overhear everything. Sam calls Jerry, but his phone’s on mute. Jerry looks around and finds an Anatomy book. Ross reveals he used to be a doctor, and Jerry goes to take out his gun, but Ross stabs him in the stomach. He returns to the basement and asks Gail why she didn’t tell him she’s a cop. Jerry’s bleeding badly and takes out his phone. He hears Ross telling Gail “let’s go” and attacks Ross when he gets the chance. They fight, but Ross knocks him out and grabs Gail, leaving the house.

When they get to Ross’s house, Sam sees Jerry through the window and calls it in while Andy searches the house. Jerry comes to and tells Sam Ross has Gail and he put his phone in his pocket. Sam has Andy call in to trace Jerry’s phone and tells Jerry to stay with him. Gail comes to in the back of a car and hears sirens. The car stops. EMTs arrive at Ross’s and begin working on Jerry. They arrest Ross, and Nick and Chris get Gail out of the trunk.

Sam looks at the pocket watch (inscribed with “To the Good Times”) Jerry gave him, and Andy leaves Traci a message. Everyone else joins them. It’s bad. Andy can’t reach Traci because she’s with Noelle and her baby girl. She says she’s going to have to get one of her own because Jerry will insist once he sees Noelle’s daughter. When Traci goes to call Frank, she sees she has messages. When she finds the others, Andy’s crying. Jerry didn’t make it. Nick joins Chris outside Gail’s hospital room. Frank joins Noelle and meets his daughter. While Andy sits with Traci, Sam stands by, holding the pocket watch.

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