‘Rookie Blue’ ‘Out of Time’ Review and Speculation: Life After Death

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You knew it was coming. It had already been revealed that Rookie Blue season 3 would feature the death of one of 15 Division’s own in “Out of Time” as the officers searched for Gail. But that didn’t make it any less heartbreaking.

Season 3 Episode 9 “Out of Time” Review

It’s not at all uncommon for a show to drop hints in episodes before and the beginning of an episode that is going to kill off one of its main characters. That was handled well in this case, though the clues that it was going to be that Jerry who died were pretty obvious. First, there was the “psychic” telling Traci she wasn’t going to marry Jerry, which was followed by her accepting his proposal. In “Out of Time” alone, there was the kitchen scene with Traci and Jerry. Once he said they had plenty of time to talk about their future and more kids, it was pretty much a done deal. Add in Jerry giving Sam the pocket-watch (“To the Good Times”) and commenting it was bad luck to give a watch as a gift, and that was it.

However, Rookie Blue handled this in a way that it was still done well, still just as touching, and still just as disappointing. It was such a good episode that even the commonly used “one life ends, another begins” with Noelle giving birth at the same time worked. Even though Jerry’s injury overshadowed them finding Gail and arresting Ross, that didn’t take away from the episode either. They have time to explore what comes next for Gail as she recovers from her abduction; that’s not the case for Jerry.

Overall, “Out of Time” was just what it should have been: a strong episode to say goodbye to a strong character. You couldn’t ask for much more for the conclusion of the intense two-parter. It was an episode that will obviously have ramifications that are felt not only throughout the rest of season 3 but likely in season 4 as well.

Noam Jenkins has always been so good as Jerry, and the show isn’t going to be the same without him and his character. His impressive performance continued in his last episode, and something that has been notable to see is that whether he’s in the middle of a case or the middle of a scene with Traci, Jenkins delivers the same, strong performance. Noam Jenkins and Jerry will both be missed as the show continues.

Speculation About What Jerry’s Death Means

What they will have time to do is explore what Jerry’s death means for everyone. The ones who are likely to be most affected are Traci, Sam, Gail, and Andy. The fact that Traci is going to be the most affected out of everyone can go without saying. She’s not only going to have to deal with the fact that her fiancé is dead, but she’s also going to have to deal with reminders of him everywhere, from the wedding plans to those houses he was looking at for them and the workplace. Is it possible that this could lead to Traci deciding 15 Division isn’t the best place for her?

Gail is going to be affected as well. As she recovers from her abduction, she could begin feeling guilty since Jerry was killed trying to save her. In fact, his last act was doing what led to her being found (putting his phone in Ross’ pocket). She has no reason to feel guilty, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a path they could go down.

Then there are Sam and Andy. Jerry had originally wanted them to track down the cab driver and find out what he knew, but Andy’s persistence that the bartender was the guy and refusal to just wait around for proof led to Jerry sending them to the hotel and following up on that lead himself. It’s hard not to wonder what would have happened if Jerry hadn’t given in and had sent Andy and Sam to Ross’ house, so of course that’s going to come up. Ross couldn’t have taken both Andy and Sam out, so it’s likely no one would have died. Of course you can’t play the “what if” game, but it’s hard not to. This is something that they’ll be thinking about, and as the “Cold Comforts” promo (below) shows, Sam regrets the choice he made. Could Andy start feeling guilty because she feels like her actions could have led to her best friend’s fiancé’s death? Sam is questioning himself a bit and dealing with losing his best friend. How will this affect Andy and Sam’s relationship?

And what will this mean for the workplace? No one can replace Jerry, but is this why Luke is going to be sticking around? Eric Johnson returned in “Out of Time,” and while it’s a new, more rugged (and bearded) Luke, it seems like a good change. He may be what 15 Division needs going forward.

What did you think of Rookie Blue season 3 episode 9 “Out of Time”? Did you think Jerry was going to be the one to die?

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