‘Rookie Blue’ Season 3 Episode 11 ‘The Rules’ Preview: Tough Love and Moving Forward

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Rookie Blue season 3 continues next week with episode 11, “The Rules,” directed by Gregory Smith. They’re still grieving after losing Jerry, but life does have to go on. How will Traci do on her first day back? Will Sam realize he made a mistake concerning Andy before it’s too late?

Season 3 Episode 11 “The Rules” Promo

“When a death threat aimed at a local priest leads Andy and Nick to a neighborhood drug lord, the officers realize that they’re navigating a delicate war zone and that the priest may be hiding some surprising secrets of his own. Meanwhile, Gail and Traci pick up one of the drug runners—a young girl whose refusal to be an informant compels Traci to make a major decision about her career. Chris and Swarek clash over what it takes to make a good cop, and Dov’s new relationship takes a dramatic and dangerous turn.”

The last episode, “Cold Comforts,” saw everyone slowly gathering at the bar for Jerry. It’s not so easy for some to get back to the job and keep going on with their lives, and that’s already begun to impact personal relationships. Traci has begun to lean on Gail, and Sam has ended things with Andy. What will this mean for future episodes? Traci, who was briefly at the station after discovering someone stole Jerry’s computer, and Oliver, who left work on a personal day and was the first one at the bar, have yet to get back to work. How will that go when they do?

The Rookie Blue season 3 episode 11 promo for “The Rules” (below) shows Frank telling everyone they’re getting “back to basics.” Someone who is doing just that is Traci, who has decided to start on the street on her first day back. Luke warns her, “If you can’t do this, you need to let me know because I gotta find somebody who can.” Ouch. Is Traci going to end up throwing away that detective training, or will this just be temporary? It does look like she’ll at least have Gail by her side for her first shift back.

Meanwhile, it gets awkward when Sam asks Andy for his keys back. Is it really over, or could perhaps some harsh words of advice from Chris (“Look, I know you and Detective Barber were friends, and I know this thing with you and Andy’s gotta be tough, but whatever you’re going through, you need to deal with it.”) and Luke (“If you don’t figure that out soon, you’re gonna lose Andy for good. Take it from me.”) get through to Sam? If anyone knows anything about ruining things with Andy, it’s Luke. Sam should listen to him and Chris. But will he, or will Sam and Andy still be apart when this episode ends?

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