‘Rookie Blue’ Season 3 Episode 12 Sneak Peek: Chris Needs Something ‘Remarkable’ for His File

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Rookie Blue season 3 continues this week with episode 12, “Every Man,” and the rookies are going to be facing an Internal Affairs investigation. Will the detective find a way to break one of them with a look at his file?

Season 3 Episode 12 “Every Man” Clip

“Weeks of trials and tribulations come to a head when the rookies of 15 Division are left on their own and a frenzied night in the station culminates in a prisoner pulling a gun on Chris in cells. The ensuing inquiry has Internal Affairs looking for someone to blame. With careers on the line, the rookies reflect on the personal and professional choices that have led each of them to that night’s events, walking a fine line between telling the truth and having each other’s backs. Meanwhile, Gail is still trying to recover from her harrowing abduction, Chris is blindsided by a personal revelation, and Andy learns a secret about Nick’s past.”

Photo Credit: ABC/Caitlin CronenbergThe Rookie Blue season 3 episode 12 sneak peek from “Every Man” (below) shows Chris in with Detective Mills. She tells him she understands he has been through a lot, and the episode description and photos (like the one to the right) certainly speak to that. A flashback shows that the morning began with Chris and Dov driving around. Chris wants on Luke’s task force, and he says, “I’ll do whatever I gotta do” to make that happen. He’s tired of how he’s seen and wants to prove himself. Will he be thinking about that while being questioned by Internal Affairs?

Back in the present, Mills notes that there’s nothing “remarkable” in his file and wants to figure out what he brings to 15 Division “other than chiseled jaw and pleasant disposition.” Poor Chris! He explains he sees himself like a football player who finally had his chance to shine and won the Super Bowl. However, Mills tells him, “Today was not your Super Bowl.” That seems to go without saying. After all, Internal Affairs wouldn’t be involved if it had been.

What do you think of the Rookie Blue season 3 episode 12 clip from “Every Man”?

Photo Credit: ABC/Caitlin Cronenberg

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