‘Rookie Blue’ Season 3 Episode 13 ‘I Never’ Preview: Will It Be an Explosive Finale?

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Rookie Blue season 3 continues next week with episode 13, “I Never,” the finale. The end of the last episode, “Every Man,” saw Gail take Internal Affairs that she hadn’t patted down the suspect who turned out to have a gun, leaving her suspended and facing her possibly losing her badge. Will the finale see that happen?

Season 3 Finale “I Never” Promo

“When a violent child abductor escapes from an emergency hospital visit, the officers of 15 Division try to track him down before he takes another young victim. When Andy and Dov discover that the desperate man has snatched another girl, Andy and Swarek find themselves in a deadly standoff to save the terrified victim, resulting in a major emotional confrontation—and a serious choice for Andy. Meanwhile, Chris’ family obligations have him contemplating a transfer, and Traci and Gail each face monumental decisions regarding their respective careers.”

Photo Credit: ABC/Caitlin CronenbergThings are tense right now everywhere in 15 Division. Personal relationships are suffering, careers are in jeopardy, and, in this next episode, lives are going to be in serious danger. Will 15 Division ever be the same after what’s going to happen? Will everyone make it to season 4?

The Rookie Blue season 3 episode 13 promo for the finale “I Never” (below) shows Frank reporting that John Grey has escaped. They’re going to get him, but Andy’s going to end up in a very deadly situation in their search. Grey will be telling Sam what he wants, but will that even matter when it comes down to it? Andy’s going to find the girl he’s taken holding a live grenade in her hand—and she’s going to have her hand it over.

Of course it’s going to be Sam who finds her, and when she tells him, “I’m holding a bomb,” he wraps his hands around hers: “So am I.” Is it possible that one of them could die in this episode? That would be quite the explosive finale. It has never been easy for Sam and Andy, and season 3 saw them finally together only for them to break up as Sam reevaluated things after losing Jerry. Will this situation make him realize that he was wrong? If they both survive this, will the season end with them back together?

What do you think of the Rookie Blue season 3 finale preview for episode 13, “I Never”?

Photo Credit: ABC/Caitlin Cronenberg

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