‘Rookie Blue’ Season 3 Episode 9 ‘Out of Time’ Preview: Will They Save Gail?

Rookie Blue season 3 continues in two weeks with episode 9, “Out of Time.” One of their own is in serious trouble, and a detective returns. Will he be able to help 15 Division save Gail before it’s too late?

Season 3 Episode 9 “Out of Time” Promo

“The same night the officers of 15 Division are forced to release a suspected predator for lack of evidence, Andy and Gail are violently assaulted in Andy’s loft—and Gail is abducted. Detective Luke Callaghan is brought in to oversee the case that very well may be the work of a serial murderer. Working frantically to track down Gail’s abductor before it’s too late, the officers rally—and zero in on their prime suspect. Meanwhile, the other rookies follow up on leads to similar cases in a desperate search for details that might point to Gail’s whereabouts. And when one of the officers follows up on a simple lead, it puts them directly in the path of the demented killer—forcing them to make the ultimate sacrifice.”

This episode follows directly from “The Girlfriend Experience,” which ended with Gail being attacked as Andy decided to go back to her apartment to be with her friend instead of staying at Sam’s for the night. Well, it looks like she’s not going to be in time for anything other than getting in some trouble herself, based on the episode synopsis and the preview that has been released.

The Rookie Blue season 3 episode 9 promo for “Out of Time” (below) ends with Andy finding Gail lying on the floor, only for the guy to grab her from behind and inject her with something. That’s where the investigation will pick up, as it seems that he leaves Andy in her apartment and takes Gail. Gail has been abducted, and emotions are going to be high in the station. Chris and Nick will get into it, which you were pretty much expecting given their personal relationships with Gail, past and present.

Luke is back, and it’s a situation where they don’t even have time to think about past relationships. Will he be able to help them prove that Charlie’s their guy? Jerry is certain he is, and he’s not above using some force in the interrogation room to get answers. However, Charlie claims he doesn’t know where Gail is and even threatens Jerry with his lawyers and the loss of his job.

Someone is going to die in this episode, and it sounds like the person is going to sacrifice himself or herself to possibly help Gail out, based on the above synopsis. SpoilerTV has composed a list of who’s not going to die: Andy, Nick, Chris, Sam, Frank Best, Gail, Traci, Dov, and Luke. That leaves Noelle, Jerry, and Oliver as possibilities.

While Noelle has been out of the field because of her pregnancy, the mention of the person following up on “a simple lead” means she’s not completely ruled out. She could think it’s something so easy to check on that she doesn’t need to give it to someone else. It would certainly be a shocker since she’s pregnant, and they did show her training Gail in the first part of this arc. While it’s hard to imagine this happening—it would be devastating since not only would 15 Division lose Noelle, who has shown over and over again just how important she is, even on desk duty and pregnant, but it would also mean the loss of her and Frank’s baby—you can’t completely rule it out.

Jerry is very involved in this case, as seen in the last episode and in this promo. If they killed him off, it would be shocking and have a great impact on the station—especially on Traci, his bride-to-be. In “Leap of Faith,” Darius did tell Traci she wasn’t going to marry Jerry. Could that be because he dies in this episode? This season has seen Traci become a detective-in-training and she has even been called Jerry’s “mini me.” Could that be because it was foreshadowing that he wasn’t going to be around for too long? Could 15 Division lose Jerry?

Finally, there’s Oliver. 15 Division wouldn’t be the same without his humor, and this season, especially recently, as explored his family life. Things seemed to be getting better on that front, but could what he’s had be all there is because this is going to be the case that takes his life? “The Girlfriend Experience” saw Noelle addressing the fact that people had submitted baby name possibilities and told Oliver she wasn’t going to name her baby after him. He, of course, in true Oliver fashion replied, “I weep for that child.” Could Oliver end up dying in the field and Noelle honor him with her child’s middle name at least?

What do you think of the Rookie Blue season 3 episode 9 preview of “Out of Time”?

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