‘Rookie Blue’ Season 3 Finale ‘I Never’ Preview: Will Sam’s Words Be Too Late?

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Rookie Blue‘s third season will be coming to an end this Thursday with episode 13, “I Never,” which will see 15 Division once again after John Grey after something goes wrong with a prison transfer. But will one of the officers lose his or her life in the process?

Season 3 Episode 13 “I Never” Global Promo

Photo Credit: ABC/Caitlin CronenbergWhile the ABC promo that aired after the last episode, “Every Man,” teased that Andy will be taking the live grenade from the hand of the young girl John Grey has taken, the Global promo shows what happens up to Andy telling Sam she’s holding a bomb and him putting his hands on hers and telling her he is too. Their relationship has been a tricky one and they recently broke up, but will they have a chance to be together again? If they both get out of this situation alive, it seems very possible, especially when you take into account his words to her in the new preview.

The Rookie Blue season 3 finale promo for episode 13 “I Never” (below) shows Andy and Dov getting Luke caught up on John Grey. It ends with Sam standing with Andy and telling her, “I wish you were in my head. I wish you could read my mind.” Why? “I love you, Andy,” he tells her, and her response is the part of the conversation that was previously revealed in a promo: “Sam, I’m holding a bomb.” Are Sam’s words going to be too late, or will they figure out a way to get Andy—and Sam—out of there safely? Will Sam and Andy have the chance to talk about their relationship? After everything they’ve been through, this can’t be the end, can it?

What do you think of the latest Rookie Blue season 3 episode 13 preview for the finale, “I Never”?

Photo Credit: ABC/Caitlin Cronenberg

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