‘Rookie Blue’ Season 3 Spoilers: What’s Next for Traci, Sam and Andy, Gail, Dov

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Rookie Blue season 3 has just killed off Jerry in the heartbreaking episode 9, “Out of Time,” and it’s a death that is going to have lasting effects on a number of characters. What’s coming up in the remaining episodes of the season? Executive producer Tassie Cameron talked to TVGuide.ca about just that.

Season 3 Spoilers

Cameron said that Traci is going to be working to put her life together after losing Jerry, including “her trying to cope, and also deciding whether she’s going to go back on the job, go to the street or be a detective. How does he function, move on etc.” Having Jerry die with episodes still left in the season allows them to “explore the grief and the healing and the repercussions.” Among those repercussions will be finding out that Jerry had someplace he was supposed to be with a significant amount of money in the next episode (“Cold Comforts” promo below). This isn’t going to be easy for Traci. She and Jerry were planning for the future, and just in the beginning of “Out of Time,” they were talking about houses and children. In fact, just before Traci found out about Jerry, she had been warming up to the idea of having another baby in the conversation with Noelle after she gave birth. Will Traci be able to return to work where there will no doubt be reminders of Jerry everywhere?

The last episode also brought Luke back to 15 Division, and not only will he likely affect the workplace—he is different than he was before (and not just his beard)—but he could also affect one of the relationships there (though they may be having problems even without him around, as seen in the promo below). There was the whole Luke-Andy-Sam love triangle that had pretty much disappeared. With him back, will that affect Andy and Sam’s relationship? According to Cameron, “It’s not a love triangle, but those men have strong faith in Andy and that will play out by the end of the season. Their faith in that woman professionally will provide a kind of tension and [play out with] a decision that she has to make.” Will Andy’s decision be about work? Luke had backed her up when she wanted to work after she was attacked, even though the others told her she could sit it out if she wanted to. Will that somehow come back into play towards the end of Rookie Blue season 3?

Gail’s going to have to deal with what happened to her as well. Though her ordeal was overshadowed by what happened to Jerry, they have time to explore that in the upcoming episodes. Part of that will include who’s there for her, and that’s going to be Nick, whom Cameron said “she really loves…a lot.” Will Chris be stepping aside? Chris got in Nick’s face about not answering his phone, but was this the wake-up call Nick needed? Could the season end with Gail and Nick in a relationship instead of having those awkward conversations about what they are?

Finally, there’s Dov and Crystal, whom Cameron said “you’ll see…again,” calling her “still part of Dov’s life.” The synopsis for the upcoming episode, “The Rules,” airing on August 23, does state “Dov’s new relationship takes a dramatic and dangerous turn.” Is this about him and Crystal? From the beginning, it wasn’t a good idea for him to be around her after what happened, but he hasn’t been able to stop seeing her. Will something happen?

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