‘Rookie Blue’ Season 4 Spoilers: A New ‘No Nonsense,’ Tough Senior Officer

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Rookie Blue may not be back for its fourth season until next summer, but there will be two new characters, and more and more information is being released about them.

Season 4 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Matt Barnes/ABCAccording to TVLine, not only is there the rookie who doesn’t have a filter to look forward to, there is also “a no nonsense senior office who’s ‘weary’ of the young officers at 15″ joining the cast. Executive producer Tassie Cameron previewed, “She’s tough. She’s nine years on the force, including a stint in SWAT as a negotiator. So she’s a very experienced officer with some fast decision making skills that are in obvious contrast to the new rookie, for example. It’s fun always to bring somebody in to the series who’s not dying to make friends with people right away, who’s assessing our characters a little bit and not jumping in saying, ‘I want to be your best friend.'” She sounds like someone they may need around 15 Division. Are Andy and Nick going to have to adjust to her after everyone else already has since they’re part of Luke’s task force? Could their introduction to her come when their paths cross with 15 Division? Will they find that things have changed in 15 Division with this new senior officer around?

Rookie Blue season 4 should be a good one, with not only these new characters, but also with whatever comes next for those still around after last season. Could Chris leave 15 Division behind? Perhaps Andy and Nick return to find he’s going to be leaving. Will Sam be waiting for Andy, or could she find that he’s moved on, perhaps with a new character? Last season, Nick was the new guy, but by the end of the season, he fit in with the others, even becoming Andy’s “break up buddy,” and their friendship was something that was entertaining to watch play out over the end of the season. There’s likely more coming when season 4 begins, but could they find themselves on the outs with everyone else upon returning from the task force? Could they see the new characters fitting in easily while they’re the ones who are the outsiders after they left their old lives behind?

What do you think of the latest Rookie Blue season 4 spoilers?

Photo Credit: Matt Barnes/ABC

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