‘Rookie Blue’ Season 4 Spoilers: A ‘Really Strong’ Friendship, Surprises for Andy

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Have you been missing Rookie Blue during this wait for the summer drama to return? If the answer is yes, it’s not surprising given how season 3 ended, and based on some new spoilers that have been released, season 4, picking up six months later, is going to be just as exciting as the first three summers have been at 15 Division.

Photo Credit: Matt Barnes/ABCAndy and Nick formed a solid friendship over the course of the third season that ended with them as partners for Luke’s task force, leaving their old lives behind for the sake of it. They also left Sam and Gail behind, and there will, of course, be changes by the time they return to 15 Division. According to TVLine, Missy Peregrym has teased that Andy and Nick will have a “really strong” friendship that’s “totally different than anything Andy’s ever had.” Nick was there for Andy as her “break-up buddy,” and their friendship in general in season 3 made for such a good storyline that it’s definitely good that it’s something that will be part of season 4. Andy has enough drama in her love life; she needs something solid in her life, and it looks like that’s going to be Nick going forward.

But what will happen upon their return? There are going to be “a few surprises” for Andy. Could she return to find that Sam has moved on? You couldn’t blame him if he did given he finally told her “I love you” and waited for her at the bar, but she joined the task force instead. There was a theme of being “too late” in the season 3 finale, but will season 4 see it being “too late” for Sam and Andy?

What do you think of the latest Rookie Blue season 4 spoilers?

Photo: Matt Barnes/ABC

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