‘Rookie Blue’ Season 4 Spoilers: Exploring More About Sam, A New Rookie Without a Filter

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Rookie Blue‘s third season ended with Sam and Gail sitting at the bar, looking for Andy and Nick, who had left on Luke’s task force assignment. What’s coming up next for Sam? What else can you expect in season 4?

Season 4 Spoilers

Photo Credit: ABC/Ben Mark HolzbergExecutive producer Tassie Cameron told The Hollywood Reporter that “season four is a season where we should start to learn a little more about who [Sam] is and why he is the way he is.” Sam is a bit of a mystery, though season 3 did delve into his mind just a bit with his reaction to Jerry’s death and what happened with Andy as the season ended. He told her as she held the grenade that he wished she could read his mind; that’s something fans certainly wish they could do, and it sounds like that’s something that’s going to happen in season 4. Sam was left waiting for Andy, with no idea that she had left her old life behind for the task force. The season premiere is going to be picking up six months after the finale, and it should be interesting to see what it means for Sam when Andy returns. He finally told her he loved her, but will he tell her that again when she’s back at 15 Division or will he be too angry about her choice?

Cameron also teased a bit more about the new rookie, Chloe, in Rookie Blue season 4. Chloe is “outspoken and has no filter,” and they’re “trying to shake things up in season four and keep everybody on their toes.” Chloe could certainly be part of that. How will she and the new senior officer fit in? Could one of them pose as a possible new love interest for one of the other officers? Could Andy return to find that someone else is after Sam as well?

What do you think of the latest Rookie Blue season 4 spoilers?

Photo Credit: ABC/Ben Mark Holzberg

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