‘Rookie Blue’ Spoilers: Season 3 Theme, Sam and Andy’s Relationship

Rookie Blue returns this week for its third season, and the premiere is going to see Andy returning from her suspension and (eventually) hopefully being reinstated. It’s not like there’s any other way that could go. But what’s coming up for her and Sam? What’s next for everyone in 15 Division?

Season 3 Spoilers

The cast of <em>Rook...According to TVLine, “although Andy and Sam haven’t seen each other for three months when the new season picks up—and he’s none too happy about that fact—they’ll get back on track in no time.” That’s something to make fans of Andy and Sam together happy. After all, it would’ve been too bad if the end of season 2 was all they got to see those two together. But just because they’re going to be “back on track” doesn’t necessarily mean that things will run smoothly all season for them. That could get boring, and it would be surprising if there wasn’t any drama for Sam and Andy.

Meanwhile, executive producer Tassie Cameron also revealed the Rookie Blue season 3 theme: “Be careful what you wish for.” According to Cameron, “We tried to look at what these characters have been wishing for and wanting and desiring for a couple of years now and what it looks like when they get it or it happens to them or when their dreams come true, professionally and personally, and how that always comes at a price.” Will some of the characters’ hopes change as they get what they wanted? Could they end up in completely different places in their lives by the end of season 3 than they expected to see themselves?

That includes Sam and Andy. They’ve been building up to this for a couple of seasons, but could they realize that, in the end, they’re not in it for the long term? Meanwhile, last season ended with Noelle pregnant, something she wanted and was trying for, but she wasn’t pregnant via IVF. What will this mean for her when season 3 begins? What will it mean for her and Best? It’s obviously going to affect her professionally, but it could drastically change things personally as well.

What do you think of the latest Rookie Blue season 3 spoilers?

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