Rory Culkin in ‘Scream 4’: Is He a Killer?

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Rory Culkin, brother of Macaulay Culkin, is in Scream 4, and the blood is flying. But heÂ’s not allowed to talk about it. Who lives, who dies, who is available for a sequel? All these are professional secrets, not a word of which may be spoken before the latest slasher film opens April 15, reports E!Online.File:RoryCulkin08TIFF.jpg

Culkin, 21, remembers seeing Scream when he was a little kid—too young to watch the scary parts, of which there were many. Probably that’s why he recalls very little about the plot. Now he plays Charlie Walker, president of the high school cinema club, and a potential victim—or killer. Somehow, all the kids think he knows something, and they go to him for info. The character likes that. A lot! So Rory Culkin’s Charlie has a vested interest in seeing that the killings continue. Hmmm. Suspicious.

Too suspicious. Probably he will be the last victim killed. ThatÂ’s a prediction made on nothing but thin air. YouÂ’ll have to see for yourself.

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