Rose Byrne Signing on for ‘The Internship’

Rose Byrne is ready for some interoffice romantic high jinks. Though the deal’s not sealed yet, the Australian beauty is reportedly set to star with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in The Internship.

Rose Byrne 2011

If you think she’s going to be the sexy intern, think again. In the comedy, written by Vaughn, Byrne would actually be playing a high-level executive in a Silicon Valley tech company, where Wilson and Vaughn are two unemployed guys in their 40s trying to revive their careers by starting at the bottom. Her character gets into a relationship with Wilson’s. She’s one boss it would be hard to say no to!

It’s good to know that Byrne, a very versatile actress, will be making another foray into comedy. She was great in last year’s Bridesmaids, whose mix of raunchy and romantic comedy bears some similarity to Vaughn and Wilson’s 2005 hit, Wedding Crashers. Given those two actors’ proven comic chemistry, adding Byrne should make for a winning combination.

Until then, you can catch Rose Byrne on the small screen with co-star Glenn Close in Damages, whose fifth season starts on July 11th.

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