Rose McGowan Wants to Do a Lesbian Love Scene

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Rose McGowan says she would love to do a lesbian love scene. But does she love the ladies in real life?

The bewitching brunette beauty never had a problem with homosexuality, which is understandable considering her very colorful and unconventional background.

Rose was a very lucky 13-year-old runaway—she was taken in by two drag queens in Portland that treated her like a member of their own family. Their love likely helped her become the success that she is today, and she also learned plenty of makeup tips from her adoptive guardians (they definitely taught her well—she looks a lot more like Snow White than Kristen Stewart).

The Doom Generation (1995)While Rose McGowan was raised by guys that dress like girls, she says she’s somewhat attracted to girls that look like guys. However, she makes this complaint: “But if they open their shirt, they’ll have breasts.” Keep in mind that this is the girl who once dated Marilyn Manson, a guy who donned breasts in a music video and loved rocking an androgynous look. But while the whole breast thing does bother her, she says she’d still be attracted to the female version of Brad Goreski (Rachel Zoe’s assistant) or Ava Gardner (since Ava is long gone, maybe she’d settle for Sofia Vergara—she looks a bit like the Barefoot Contessa).

And Rose McGowan would also love to shoot a lesbian love scene in a movie—she’s never kissed a girl before, and she’d love to get paid to do it. But who should she make out with?

Well, it could be fun to see the Charmed witch make out with a vampire, and Kristen Stewart seems pretty desperate to leave her Twilight world behind (she did already make out with Dakota Fanning in The Runaways), and red hot redhead Emma Stone has said that she would be open to having a lesbian relationship in real life. Rose could also try to win a kiss from Katy Perry, or perhaps Black Swan star Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman wouldn’t mind making out with her. The modern-day pinup girl would make a great guest star on The Playboy Club, where she could play the love interest of real-life bisexual babe Amber Heard.

So who do you think the Conan the Barbarian star’s first girl kiss should be?

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