‘Roseanne’s Nuts’ – ‘Life’s a Snore’ Recap Episode 4

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What’s the problem with snoring? In this episode of “Roseanne’s Nuts,” boyfriend Johnny is losing sleep over Roseanne’s nightly noise.

Johnny has been sleeping on the couch because of Roseanne’s snoring. He describes the noise as “A Grisly Bear mother who lost her babies in a saw mill.” He also describes it as sounding like a didgeridoo. He made the sound so Roseanne would understand how terrible the noise was. Barr denied that she snored and said it was Johnny who snored.

Johnny invents the “Johnny Cam.” He and Roseanne’s son, Jake, crept into the bedroom as Barr slept to record her snoring. She woke up in the middle of the taping and looked at the camera. “Look how fat and old I look,” Barr said. Johnny said that no one was disputing the fact “that she was fat and old just the snoring.” Surprisingly, Roseanne didn’t get up off the bed and smack him.

The couple’s friend, Archie, came to help put up a new chicken coop since a mongoose was killing them. The hens were so upset over the mongoose that they stopped laying eggs which bothered Johnny, also known as “The Chicken Whisperer.”

Archie brought over a didgeridoo and tried to teach Roseanne how to play it. He told her to put her lips into the instrument and then vibrate them. “Think of it as prom night,” he says.

Johnny takes Roseanne to the sleep center in Hilo to see if they can fix her snoring. Barr has to stay there over night which thrills Johnny. But Roseanne doesn’t care for everything that’s happening to her. She mumbles something about Nazis.

Back at the farm, Archie and Jake are trying to catch the chickens but both explain that they aren’t chicken cowboys and neither one of them likes chickens. Not being able to catch the hens causes the death of Johnny’s favorite hen, Henrietta. She was murdered by the mongoose and now Archie and Jake have to figure out what to do.

There’s only one thing that can be done: bury Henrietta, say a few words over her grave, and not tell Johnny about the death. But Johnny is not only the “Chicken Whisperer” but the “Chicken Counter” too and soon discovers that there are only 11 chickens and not 12. “Henrietta, Henrietta,” he calls out expecting the hen to turn the corner at any moment. Instead, Archie and Jake had to tell the truth about Henrietta’s horrible demise. A few seconds of silence please.

At the sleep center Roseanne is given a sleep mask to wear to bed. Johnny is sure that this will help both of them sleep. Roseanne is okay about wearing it even though it looks like a gas mask. She says that part of having a relationship is being able to sleep with someone. Johnny says it’s being able to do things before sleep.

This episode of “Roseanne’s Nuts” ends with the couple snuggling up with the new mask.

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