Round 2 * Priscilla's Book Give-Away ~ Are You Somebody?

This is round 2~

Ok, I'm ready to start doing some book give-away's again, now that I have gotten a little bit of unpacking done.

Up for the contest this week is a book I was just reading. It wasn't a favorite for me – so maybe it will be a favorite for you~
Title: Are You Somebody? – The Accidental Memoir of a Dublin Woman
Author: Nuala O'Faolain
"It wasn't marriage that did her in. She wanted him. It was motherhood. It was us. But we didn't make her suffer. It was love and passion that made her suffer. It was that that undermined them all: my mother, and my father, and Carmel. There was a degree of pain in their dealings with love and passion that, all unexpectedly, I realized I was coming to terms with, through my book. Not through writing it but through publishing it. It was the warmth the book met that had made me strong."

-Nuala O'Faolain


Nuala O'Faolain is a columnist with the Irish Times. To a certain extent she followed her journalist father's footsteps, but her climb was a bit more difficult. In addition to her struggles to become a writer, O'Faolain grew up a woman in the impoverished Ireland of the 40's and 50's. Although her childhood in some ways was similar to those of Frank McCourt and Christie Brown, she had the added burden of being female.

Like Brown and McCourt, the family struggled with too many mouths to feed and an alcoholic parent. In her adult years, Nuala struggled with her own affliction with the disease of alcoholism. She managed to find recovery from alcoholism and pull her self up from an extremely low place. Her story of the rebuilding of her life is an inspiration to those suffering from alcoholism — their own or that of a loved one.


The winner will be whomever leaves the most comments on this post (or subsequent posts as needed) by Monday evening 6pm Eastern Time.

I may need to wait until the next day to announce the winner – depending on when we get our internet hooked up at home~

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