Rove to divorce, Palin custody, underwear bomber politics, what next.

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Karl Rove and wife are divorcing after 23 years. My initial inclination was to say something snide, like I suppose that is a direct consequence of our national failure to pass defense of marriage legislation. But upon calmer reflection, I suppose it is none of my business and I should just wish them both well in their separate futures.

Bristol Palin is suing for sole custody of the son she had with Levi Johnson, based on his perceived immaturity. I guess I really better stay away from commenting on that one. So surprise, I will say no more. Sorry if that is disappointing.

On the topic of Mr. Abdulmuttalab, the Nigerian underwear bomber, I am a bit perplexed by the politicization of the topic.  The airline screening in the Netherlands failed to do a whole body scan. Is that Obama’s fault? The suspect’s dad apparently contacted the U.S. embassy in Nigeria to say he was worried about his son. Yes, maybe that should have landed the boy on a no fly list. I imagine we will be looking at that issue. It does appear that the CIA was deficient, insofar as they prepared a report on Abdulmuttalab but then failed to share it with any other agency. Sound familiar? When has that happened before? On cooler reflection, I say (tongue in cheek) of course it’s Obama’s fault. Everything is Obama’s fault, including the midwest snow storm and Aunt Nellie’s botched nose job surgery.

The Al Qaeda folk keep trying to figure out how to use these plastic explosives effectively, since they are somewhat difficult to detect in airline security checks (remember the shoe bomber?). Their track record is not good so far. Three efforts so far. Two bombers in custody. One bomber, in Saudi Arabia i think, was able to blow himself up, but failed to blow anyone else up. You would have to call that a failure too. But my how they try.  You can expect them not to give up on this notion. And you can expect that it will be challenging for airline security to respond adequately.

Speaking of people trying to kill people, Anbar province in Iraq is getting messy again. It appears that the Sunni insurgents are not going to become nice just because the US presence is ending.  They seem to be transferring their hostility to the Shiite government. I guess that will be their problem, because we will be plenty busy trying to deal with Afghanistan.

It’s a slow news week. Maybe I should not be whining about that. We could be getting Iran coming to a boil, with many dead protesters. I really hope that will not happen- I much prefer a slow news week to having something awful like that.


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