‘Royal Pains’ Recap: After the Fire

This week’s episode of Royal Pains picked up right where last week’s left off: a huge explosion rocked the attendees of the annual food eating competition. Hank and Jill were especially worried because they didn’t know where their brothers were in relation to the explosion.

MarkFeuersteinByPhilKonstantinWhile searching for Evan, Hank came across a few victims of the explosion which he took care of in his usual manner. Jill found her brother, and Hank left them to continue searching for Evan. He found him being treated by one of Hank Med’s new doctors. There was a brief period of awkwardness as the new doctor realized who Hank was, and that he was his replacement in the company. But he was able to assure Hank that Evan was fine, apart from some temporary ringing in the ears and being covered by temporary “Hank Med” tattoos, which he landed on after the explosion.

After the chaos of the explosion calmed down, Hank and Evan decided it was time to work amicably to divide the practice up. They decided Evan would keep the business clients, while Hank kept the individuals. But Hank realized that wouldn’t be enough when Jill told him he wasn’t making enough income to support a new business. He was going to have to find some new clients in order to maintain it.

Now the only question was, who gets Divya? It didn’t take long for them to start haggling over her, but she wasn’t in the mood to deal with making a choice between them; she had her own problems to deal with.

After making a surprise visit to her mother, Divya hoped she could return to see her or meet her in secret if need be. But her mother insisted that she wouldn’t go against her husband’s wishes. This put Divya back where she started: alone with no family. Now, the only family she had were Hank and Evan. Not wanting to choose between them, she decided to split her time and work for both in equal shifts.

Divya proved she could do this when she was called in by both Hank and Evan to work on a new case: a young girl who was caught in the explosion. At first, it appeared she was perfectly fine, and Hank gave her a clean bill of health. But when she wanted a second opinion, it was Hank Med’s doctor that gave her one. But again, she was given a clean bill of health. Still worried, Evan brought Divya in for a third opinion, which is where things got interesting. In the couple of days between scans, the girl showed signs of a serious injury to her intestines, which was caused by the toxins from the explosion. If the team hadn’t been as vigil with her as they were, they might not have caught it. But by everyone looking in on her, they were able to save her life. Hence Divya’s decision to work for both brothers.

Hank had one other patient to work on this episode: Jill’s nephew. He surprised everyone by returning from Chess Camp after just a few days, and with a black eye. It turned out he had cheated for a girl he liked and took her SATs for her. But his nervousness caused him to fail the test, hence the black eye. Hank realized that the boy took some tranquilizers provided by the girl to help his nervousness, and mixed with his allergy medication, it caused a lot of problems. Once the medication was out of his system, he was fine again.

Jill was, of course, relieved to see her nephew was going to be ok, especially since she would be leaving soon. Or would she? She received a call at the end of the episode that her spot on the Uruguay team was filled by someone else. With no job and no home, what will happen to Jill now? Perhaps Hank can be the answer to both? Time will tell.

Tune in to USA next Wednesday at 9/8c for an all new episode of Royal Pains, where Divya will try to use her new position to covertly reunite the brothers.

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