‘Royal Pains’ Recap: Hank Med 2.0

Last season’s finale of Royal Pains ended with Hank and Evan going their separate ways. Hank quit the business, forcing Evan to find a replacement doctor, and went to Jill to discuss becoming business partners.

MarkFeuersteinByPhilKonstantinLast night’s season premiere began the day after. Evan was cleaning up Hank’s side of the office, and taking all of his supplies for his side. He informed Hank that he was in negotiations with Paul and Hank told him that was fine because he was going off on his own. Evan questioned how he was going to handle the business end of his new practice, to which Hank informed him that Jill was helping him set it up before she left.

So, the brothers went their separate ways. But of course, problems arose.

Divya, for one, was furious with Evan when she learned he used buying her share of the business against Hank. But after talking to him about it, she quickly realized Evan did as he always does: played his cards and bluffed. Only this time, he lost when Hank quit. She tried to explain the situation to Hank, but he had enough of Evan’s games. He was happy to be on his own.

Only he wasn’t going to be on his own until after the weekend. The Hamptons was celebrating a major weekend event that included a food eating contest. Evan had set Hank Med up as a promoter before the two went their separate ways, so they agreed to represent the contest and take care of the contestants before officially disseminating the business.

They had two major patients from the contest: Jill’s brother, who was insistent on beating out the competitors to local Hampton eateries such as his, and an out-of-town competitor, who turned out to have a condition not related to her years of competitive eating and needed treatment for. Evan was a big help in diagnosing her just by doing what he always does: researching things Hank Med is involved in. Hank congratulated him on this accomplishment and told him he was going to do well with the business on his own.

With these thoughts in mind, Evan decided to take Paul up on his contract negotiations of being a part-time doctor with Hank Med, and hired another doctor who had some serious personality quirks, but seemed to be a good doctor and would be available to take care of patients 24/7. And so Hank Med 2.0 was created.

After seeing that all was about as well as could be expected from the boys, Divya focused on her own life. She ran into Raj and his wife at the hospital and learned they were expecting a baby. He told her it was helping to bring his parents around and forgive him for their called-off wedding. Divya decided there may be hope for her relationship with her parents after all, and went to see her mother.

While Divya was visiting her mother, Jill was packing up the remains of her office. Hank showed up just as she finished and invited her to dinner. But then the fireworks began, and she invited him to the hospital roof to watch them with her. It was a spectacular show, until a boom louder than any firework ever made went off. They looked down and were horrified to see one of the tents encased in fire.

Hank panicked, realizing Evan had been in that tent with the two doctors he was meeting with. Were they still inside? Was Evan ok? Tune in to the next episode of Royal Pains on USA next Wednesday at 9/8c to find out.

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