Royal Pains Will Again Follow Burn Notice on USA Network with Henry Winkler

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I have long been a fan of Burn Notice on USA Network. Burn Notice is great for parents who have teens as it is a show for both grownups and teenagers to enjoy. As a parent you can sit next to your teenage child and not be embarrassed by the language and those uncomfortable scenes. It is just as much fun to watch Royal Pains as it follows Burn Notice not only its time slot but in its ability to catch and keep an adults attention without making the teenagers uncomfortable watching with their parents.

If all lives could be as enchanted as Hank and his brother Evan we would all be in paradise. Hank has a run of bad luck and his brother takes him to the Hamptons for a time to recoup from the bad times. As with all great television shows, Hank is asked to live in a beautiful guest house and be a concierge doctor. Hank does some amazing medical feats similar to a combination of McDreamy and McGyver. Hank is a wonderfully charming man while his brother is just shy of business savvy.

Last season ended with HankMed (Evan’s name for Hanks medical business) with no money as Evan fell for another of dad’s requests for money. HankMed is broke and unsure what to do about the situation. As the season begins on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 10 p.m. Eastern time, dad will be introduced to the audience. Henry Winkler will be portraying their father. For all of us who know Henry Winkler best as the Fonz from Happy Days, it is a wonderful welcome back Henry.

I love this show and just about all of the original series that USA Network has brought to us. Take an hour or two on Thursdays to catch Burn Notice and Royal Pains as they both begin a new season.

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