Royal Wedding: No Honeymoon for the Royal Couple?

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What happens after a royal wedding? Typically a royal honeymoon, but not for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. At least not for now. While the newlyweds were seen boarding a helicopter Saturday morning at Buckingham Palace, the search-and-rescue pilot (the Prince) will not be taking time off work.

Cambridge House released a statement on Saturday that confirmed the royal couple would be staying in the United Kingdom for the weekend and the Duke of Cambridge would return to work on Monday. The couple will eventually go overseas for a proper honeymoon but the destination will remain a secret.

With all the hype revolving around the royal wedding and the plans of Catherine and Prince William, staying home for a bit may be the smartest thing this couple could do. Delaying the honeymoon may allow a later escape at a time when the media is least expecting. As much as the paparazzi likes to hound vacationing royals, hopefully the royal couple can escape for some private time without harassment.

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