Royal Wedding: Princess Diana had a Spare Wedding Dress – Does Kate Middleton?

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Princess Diana’s spare wedding dress has been revealed. It begs the question of if Kate Middleton also has a spare for her royal wedding, which is now less than one month away.

Royal Wedding: Princess Diana had a Spare Wedding Dress - Does Kate Middleton?The late Princess Diana’s wedding dress just may be the most popular ever created, and with a new royal wedding quickly approaching, the dress’s designers have unveiled the alternate gown they created for Diana’s big day. The dress is similar, but certainly not exactly the same.

Designers Elizabeth and David Emmanuel created Diana’s wedding day dream dress. They explained that they designed two dresses because they were keeping the gown under wraps until Diana appeared in it.

Elizabeth Emmanuel said, “At the time we wanted to make absolutely sure that the dress was a surprise. Had the secret of the real dress got out it’s possible that Diana would actually have worn this one.”

Of course Princess Diana never even ended up trying on the spare wedding dress, but it was there just in case. In fact, the spare wedding gown was never fully completed.

As for Kate Middleton, her dress has successfully remained under wraps until her royal wedding. She hopes to keep it that way, which is why she hasn’t even announced who the gown’s designer is.

Interestingly enough, if you want to see the dress that Princess Diana wore on her royal wedding day, it is on a world tour. From now until June 12, the dress is on display at Kansas City’s Union Station. Can you believe that they made two dresses for the wedding out of so much lovely satin material?

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