Royal Wedding Service Honors Diana: Should Camilla Have Attended?

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Anyone tuning in to the royal wedding this morning bore witness to many things. Not only was the love that Prince William and Kate Middleton share enough to light up the whole of Westminster Abbey, but British tradition – and royal lineage – were on display as well. While neither or those things may have been a surprise to wedding guests and television viewers, what struck a chord with many was the presence of Princess Diana in many subtle details.

Diana was visible everywhere at the royal wedding, from the hymns that were sung (Greensleeves was a favorite of the Prince William’s mother), to the omission of the word “obey” from the vows (Princess Diana controversially decided to alter the vows to omit the outdated phrasing, leading the way for Kate Middleton to do the same).

Even Prince William himself seemed a living embodiment of his mother, from his bashful glances at the ceiling, to his nervous lip-chewing tendency.

Princess Diana

Kate Middleton, too, evoked images of Diana, in her gorgeous gown with an elongated train (though only slightly over 8 feet, as opposed to Diana’s 25+ foot train.) The now Princess’s veil was also in homage to Diana.

With Elton John and partner in attendance, you could easily have closed your eyes and been transported back in time thirty years, feeling as though you were in the presence of Diana on her wedding day instead.

In fact, there was so much of Diana at Westminster Abbey this morning (where the late Princess was laid to rest in 1997), when the cameras focused on Camilla next to Prince Charles, it almost felt inappropriate, as if Camilla should have skipped the festivities out of respect.

What do you think? Did you feel the presence of Princess Di at the royal wedding Friday? Do you feel Camilla should not have been present? As for the little touches that were reminiscent of Diana – what did you think of them?

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