Royal Wedding: Will William and Kate Produce an Heir Quickly?

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Now that the royal wedding of William and Kate is over, the talk has moved to if the couple will quickly try to create an heir to the British throne. If they follow in their parents’ footsteps, a new little royal may be coming soon.

Travelling to Buckingham PalaceRoyal Wedding: Will William and Kate Produce an Heir Quickly?William was born just 11 months after Prince Charles and Diana’s royal wedding, and many people feel that one of Kate Middleton’s biggest responsibilities as the Duchess of Cambridge is to produce an heir for the second in line to the British throne to ensure that there is no break in the line of succession for the House of Windsor.

Biographer Andrew Morton said, “If Kate is not pregnant in the next nine months, she will be defying 200 years of royal tradition.” Is this a tradition that she ought to defy though? They couple had a more modern styled wedding as well as a more modern styled courtship than other royal couples. Modern couples tend to give themselves a few years of married life before trying to have a baby.

Prince William’s view seemed to be more in line with modern thinking as well. Back in November he said, “I think we’ll take it one step at a time. We’ll sort of get over the marriage first and then maybe look at the kids.But obviously we want a family, so we’ll have to start thinking about that.”

Under the law, any son that Prince William and Kate Middleton produce will be heir to the throne. Any daughter they have will be in line, but she will fall behind any brothers she may have. It appears as if the country is open to amending the laws though, which would be a nice surge into the 21st Century if they do.

What do you think that Prince William and Kate Middleton should do? Should they rush into parenthood like the royals of the past have done, or should they take things a bit slower when it comes to a baby? It is honestly a bit sad that the new princess’s biggest duty is to simply produce an heir. There ought to be more to life after the royal wedding than that.

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