RTE’s “The Gerry Ryan Show” Radio Host Gerry Ryan Dead at 53! [VIDEO]

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RTE’s “The Gerry Ryan Show” Radio Host Gerry Ryan Dead at 53!

Longtime radio voice and host of “The Gerry Ryan Show” Gerry Ryan was found dead at 53 Friday inside his apartment in Dublin, Ireland, according to The Associated Press.

Ryan was discovered dead at the apartment after reportedly failing to do his morning radio show.

It is unclear what the cause of death was for Ryan, a father of five who was living at home alone at the time of his death, the AP reports. He and his wife Morah separated in 2008.

Ryan, considered to be a “shock jock,” was a Dublin pioneer of pirate radio for about 22 years, the AP reports. He hosted “The Gerry Ryan Show,” a three-hour radio show that was broadcast by RTE.

The program was known for its off-the-cuff political humor and interviews. Ryan was also known for his antics and outlandish humor on TV shows, including “Gerry Ryan Tonight,” “Ryan Confidential,” and “Gerry Ryan’s Hitlist,” to name a few.

After learning of Ryan’s death, RTE2 played music for an hour while employees received word of his passing, according to the AP.

Ireland Prime Minister Brian Cowen heralded Ryan as “one of the greats of modern Irish broadcasting,” the AP reports.

“As a broadcaster, Gerry Ryan was both informed and intelligent, forthright and articulate,” Cowen told the AP. “As a man, he was generous, famously irreverent and witty.”

Claire Duignan, managing director of RTE Radio, said Ryan had left work Thursday night because he was feeling ill and was not expected to return to work on Friday, the AP reports.

“When he spoke with people to say he wouldn’t be in today, they obviously expressed concern and asked: Did he need a doctor or anything like that?” Duignan said. “But he said no, he was fine, but he wouldn’t be in today.”

It is unclear when Ryan’s funeral will take place.

My evaluation: Today was a major loss for the radio and TV industry with the passing of Ryan. When it comes to radio, Ryan doesn’t exactly fall in line with a Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh because he carved out his own niche in the industry and had a strong following much like the aforementioned have.

He’ll be greatly missed by those who loved his pull-no-punches attitude, but especially for zany bits like this “interview” with famous chef Gordon Ramsay posted on YouTube:

*Photo from Tribune.ie.

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