Ruby Dee Dead Rumor Confused with Heavy D Death on Twitter

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Actress Ruby Dee is not dead. Apparently, when Heavy D died, many on Twitter confused her last name with the late rapper who passed away yesterday at 44.

According to the actress and civil rights’ publicist Jeffrey Leavitt, the death rumor all began when the Rev. Jesse Jackson took to Twitter and notified his fans that Dee had passed away.

However, when he apparently realized his Tweet was an error and the actress was alive, he did the responsible thing and retracted the message to his followers, according to the Huffington Post.

“The news of the passing of Ruby Dee HAS NOT BEEN confirmed,” Tweeted Jesse Jackson, who also asked everyone to spread the word through retweets.

For a moment, the topic was trending on the social media Ruby Deenetwork and on Google.

However, Dee’s son-in-law Bill Day said that he is sure the mistake was because her last name sounds close to the “Now That We Found Love” rapper from Heavy D and the Boyz.

Heavy D died on Tuesday at his Beverly Hills home after he was found by a neighbor, who said he collapsed and was complaining of breathing problems.

While the cause of death of has not yet been revealed, sources believe he passed away from a heart attack or stroke.

Ruby Dee, whose real name is Ruby Wallace is the widow of the late actor Ossie Davis. She is best known for her role in A Raisin in the Sun (1961). In that film, she played alongside Oscar-winning actor Sidney Poitier.

While the news is very sad that rapper Heavy D died yesterday, it is comforting to know that Ruby Dee is alive and “doing well.”

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