Rules of Engagement Recap: Singing and Dancing

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Last evening on “Rules of Engagement”, Adam and Jeff get caught up in their usual antics and become obsessed with winning a video game.  The two were spending lots of times together as Jeff and Audrey used the couples (Jen and Adam) apartment as a hide-out from their super nosy “neighbor”. Adam’s dense personality conforms perfectly to the insults Jeff slams him with.

Audrey and Jeff get a new neighbor who is actually a single friend of Audrey’s.  Her “friend” appears to have very poor boundaries.  Since Audrey is out of work, Liz repeatedly stops by and interrupts.  After not being successful at hiding, Liz catches Jeff and Audrey hiding behind a dryer in the laundry room.  Liz gets the point and leaves.

Audrey feels guilty and approaches Liz, explaining her “reasoning” for avoid her. Earlier Audrey had interviewed for a job and decides to take a job during the day to further get away from Liz.  Friends are not always great neighbors.  Possibly they were not really friends at all!

Timmy is a member of an a cappella signing group.  When Russell finds out about Timmy’s hobby, instead or tormenting Timmy, he shares a secret from his childhood.  Russell never recovered from his failed attempt at auditioning for a signing group.

Offering Russell an audition to his new a cappella group the “Raging Toners,” Timmy is astounded by Russell’s signing.  Russell hysterically belts out his rendition of “Unchained Melody.” Immediately Timmy applauds him and offers a spot in the group, but of course Russell turns him down and brings on the insults.

Rules of Engagement airs on Monday night at 8:30pmEST on CBS.

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