Rumored Beyonce Baby Names: Naming the Baby What?

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Beyonce’s due date is approaching fast; and with rumors of a girl joining the powerhouse family, people are speculating about a cute, professional and unique girl’s name for the new baby. Jay-Z and his lady have been silent about potential baby names and the sex of the baby; it was actually due to a mistake that the public found out about the sex of the baby. The superstar’s former band-member, Kelly Rowland, accidentally spilled the beans about the sex of the baby.

Now it turns out that she may have made a second mistake in revealing the name of the couple’s baby. Although everything is rumored at this point, inside sources have shared the news with Media Take Out as reported by Holly Baby. So what is the rumored baby name?


Would you believe that Beyonce would name her own daughter after …herself? Well, you better believe it! According to the report, a source close to “blabbermouth BFF Kelly Rowland” shares that Beyonce Jr. or Beyonce Knowles II are surprising options for the upcoming famous baby.

Although she doesn’t seem to be so self-absorbed that this kind of name is the only solution for her, she would make history with the name. A celebrity calling her child after herself. Like Holly Baby explains, men name their sons after themselves, so why not women? And why shouldn’t Beyonce be the first to do so?

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