Rumors About Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Are “Hurtful” and Go Too Far

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Kate Middleton pregnancy headlines are a weekly occurrence, sometimes daily. Royal watchers are waiting for the official announcement of a royal heir and are managing to stir up plenty of trouble in the interim. While gossip mongers spread their tidbits of information, the constant speculation and critiquing of Kate’s belly is taking its toll on the Duchess. She is only human and having everybody stare at your stomach and speculate about your sex life would be a little distressing.

According to a report in US Weekly, the Duchess of Cambridge is “uncomfortable” with the constant stories about her health and pregnant status. The source reports, “It’s difficult to just ignore them.” Of course, it would be, but she had to have known her life, even the most personal details, would become extremely public. She is well protected, better than most celebrities, but rumors cannot be stopped.

Apparently, Kate and Prince William were prepared and are used to the normal pregnancy rumors, but it is the numerous reports of IVF and fertility problems that “push things too far.” The young prince is protective of his bride, “William doesn’t like to see her get bogged down about these things.”

Despite the immense pressure from the public and possibly from the royal family, Kate Middleton is not about to rush into motherhood. The source adds, “William and Kate want their first child to happen naturally and at the right time.” Kate’s absence from public view for the next few weeks should help her revitalize her energy and strength as she prepares for the next onslaught of pregnancy rumors when she and Will begin their tour promoting the Queen’s jubilee anniversary.

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