Rumors Circulate of an HD iPad

When Apple released the iPad 2, one of the biggest disappointments among users was the lack of a retina display. Rumors are circulating that Apple is going to release an HD version with a retina display later this year.

What’s a retina display? Basically, think of a retina display as having tremendous pixel density so that pictures and text do not look “blocky” when the user zooms. Small fonts that are practically unreadable on most normal resolutions appear crystal clear on a retina display.

Rumors of the HD iPad have already reached major news outlets. If these rumors are true, the release of an HD iPad would be a fascinating decision for Apple. Retina displays do not come cheap, and it is unlikely that the HD version would be available at prices similar to the current models. How much are users willing to pay for a tablet with a retina display? High-end iPads without retina displays are already selling at about the price of MacBook laptops. Will users pay substantially more for a retina display when the same amount of money could buy a mid-to-high-end MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

But of course this is all just rumor. Apple, as always, is notoriously closed-lip.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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