Rumors Surround Kate Gosselin and Her First Marathon

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Kate Gosselin has just completed her first marathon in Las Vegas. This is a great accomplishment for the mother of eight and so many of her fans are proud of her. Of course, Kate has her share of haters and immediately rumors started flying about Kate and the marathon.

On Twitter, posts started appearing suggesting that Kate may have cheated during the marathon. These folks are basing their theory on the fact that Kate had a virtually identical running time to another runner and are suggesting that the two swapped chips.

It is a shame that people are throwing this out there literally right after Kate finished the race. It is also reminiscent of the NYC Marathon that many suggested Katie Holmes faked.

Kate is an avid runner and is often seen near her Pennsylvania home pounding the pavement. Running is something that she is truly passionate about, so why not run a marathon? Despite this conspiracy theory, isn’t it possible that the reason for the close times is that the two were running partners?

While there is no hard evidence that Kate cheated during the marathon, there will always be those who have their conspiracy theories. These are typically the people who have a strong disdain for Kate. Love her or hate her, finishing a marathon is a huge endeavor that deserves applause.


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