Runaway Armored Car Smashes Family’s Garage

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A runaway armored car smashed into a familyÂ’s garage. That must have been a scary evening! Both Sharon and Clive Nethercott were preparing dinner when a runaway truck tore through their yard, and into her home.

In the runaway armored car accident, the NethercottÂ’s lost their entire double garage along with their two cars. What a massive disaster! The vehicle, which had been designed to withstand Taliban bombs, was in the process of being moved, when it began to roll away out of control. The beast weighed 22 tons, and it nearly tore through the garage into the kitchen where she was cooking dinner.

She said, “We were about to get supper for the family in the kitchen, when what we thought was an explosion and the sound of breaking wood and a series of loud crashes and smashing glass. We just never expected to see what we did.” No doubt it was a major surprise.

Thank goodness no children or adults were in the path of the runaway armored car. Just minutes after the vehicle tore through the garage they realized everybody was safe and accounted for. What a relief!

Although the armored “Ranger” hasn’t been tested in a warzone, one thing is certain. It will certainly stand up to a fence, garden and garage. Soon the Nethercott’s garage will be fixed and their cars replaced.

Runaway Armored Car Smashes Family's Garage

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