RuPaul Debuts ‘Drag Race’ All-Star Cast

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Get ready for the biggest and best Drag Race show of them all. RuPaul has chosen 12 former drag queen contestants for an all-star edition of his/her hit show. Take a peek at who they are.

The video here shows the upcoming contestants. Season One queens Nina Flowers, Shanelle and Tammie Brown will take on Season Two contestants Jujubee, Pandora Box and Raven. Season Three contestants also vie for the all-star crown. They include Alexis Mateo, Mimi Imfurst, Manila Luzon and Yars Sofia. Then there’s Season Four contestants Chad Michaels and Latrice Royale.

None of these queens took home the prize the first time around. Now, all of them are ready to pull out the big guns to capture the coveted all-star crown. But who will win?

When it comes to drag, nobody does it better than Chad Michaels. That’s except RuPaul, of course. But Chad doesn’t play dirty, which could mean he won’t get the attention he deserves.

Latrice Royale, while a delight to watch, probably won’t survive this competition. She’s full-figured fierce but too sweet to withstand some of Drag Race’s manipulative stars.

Season one contestants Nina, Shanelle and Tammie were good. However, Season Two contestants Pandora and Raven were even stronger. It’s also important not to forget Alexis and Manila. They have no problem tricking, deceiving or clawing their way to the top.

This contest will be tighter than a drag queen’s gown. Still, the money is on Chad Michael if he can survive all the scheming and back-stabbing.

Who’s your choice to win Drag Race All-Stars? Sound off below.

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