Rupert Grint : Can he break the Harry Potter stereotype with Wild Target? TRAILER here!

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21 Year oldRupert Grint has made himself famous playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter Movies. My family has been fans of his for ages some of them more obsessed than the just a general fan. According to WalesOnline, he was concerned he might be typecast by his role in the movies and took the role of Tony in “Wild Target” (Which looks Great!!!) to attempt to step away from being known as Ron Weasley. Who can blame him? While he is wonderful as Ron, he is a great actor and his skill has only improved with each Harry Potter movie. However those awesome movies aren’t the only movies he has been in.

He was in 2002’s Thunder Pants (which I have never seen), 2006’s Driving Lessons, and last year’s Cherry Bomb. With Harry Potter Finishing up, he is looking at new roles. According to WalesOnline he is excited about another project called Eddie the Eagle that is in pre-production, where he will play Olympic Skier Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards. this one is scheduled for a 2011 release.

Not stopping there, Grint says “I’d do literally anything. Anything that’s quite different with big characters would be good. Someone dark and insane would be quite cool,”. He would also be interested in doing some stage work but ” probably not naked or singing though“. My sister in law will be disappointed.. Just kidding- so don’t kill me!!!

So really the sky is the limit for Rupert Grint. I think he is extremely talented and will go on the do great things. Regardless my family will always love him for his role as Ron Weasley but anything else he does will just be an added bonus!

Here’s the Wild Target trailer


Source – WalesOnline and IMDB

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