Rupert Sanders Benefits from Kristen Stewart Scandal–Lands Tom Cruise Gig

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Rupert Sanders has certainly got a major career boost since he was busted groping and kissing Kristen Stewart. Somehow, the much older and very married director has managed to come out of this whole cheating debacle relatively unscathed. What a disgusting tragedy.

The man who is nearly twice Kristen’s age and was technically her superior, is reaping the benefits of the notoriety the scandal brought him. If it had been any other starlet, his indiscretion would have gone unnoticed, but because it was Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend, he is suddenly a hot commodity in Hollywood. Talk about double standards.

Rupert is reportedly being considered to direct a new film starring Tom Cruise. Apparently, Tom is gearing up to redo the vampire flick, Van Helsing, and Rupert is in the running for director. There is a bit of a twist. If Rupert does manage to land the gig directing Tom Cruise, he will be unavailable to direct the second Snow White and the Huntsman flick. How convenient. If Rupert is out, that pretty much assures Kristen Stewart is back in.

According to Twitch, “Sanders and Universal have engaged in some early and still relatively casual conversations about Universal’s upcoming Van Helsing with the sides expressing a mutual interest in doing the project with one another.” In fact, the project may be happening very soon. Tom is reportedly ready to begin filming the flick, as soon as he wraps his current project.

So, Rupert Sanders essentially gets a promotion for his part in the affair that rocked Hollywood, while Kristen Stewart gets ostracized. Nice.

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