Rupert Sanders Carefree in Hollywood While Kristen Stewart Goes Back into Hiding

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Rupert Sanders wants the world to know he is one happy guy in light of getting caught cheating on his wife with the much younger Kristen Stewart. The director was spotted out in Hollywood Hills on August 23, looking happy as ever and waving to the photographers while chatting on the phone.

The super husband seems to be making a statement about the status of his marriage by ensuring everybody notices the gold band indicating he is married. Basically, he is laughing because while he was a very active, willing party in the cheating scandal, it is Kristen who is getting raked over the coals. What a guy.

Maybe he should have looked at the thing while he was groping Kristen. It means very little now. Not to mention, his wife, Liberty Ross, has ditched her wedding ring in a symbolic move. He may think he is still married now, but his wife obviously has other ideas.

According to sources, Liberty has consulted a divorce lawyer, but nothing has been filed. “She is talking to and seeing Rupert now for the kids, but as far as the marriage she’s still processing everything that happened,” reports the source. Rupert and Liberty were together for 15 years. It would be very hard to throw everything away. The source adds, “She is very strong and working through it and keeping private about it.”

Liberty’s lack of a wedding ring is basically letting the world, and her wayward husband know she is ticked. As long as she is not wearing it, Rupert Sanders knows he is still in trouble and will need to continue to grovel.

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