Rupert Sanders marriage may not be over despite affair with Kristen Stewart

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After news on his affair with Kristen Stewart broke, Rupert Sanders was given the smack down by his wife, actress Liberty Ross. While Sanders was apparently “desperate to save his marriage” (Radar Online), his wife simply was not willing to continue a marriage with a confirmed cheating husband—something no one can blame her for!

Ross has already secured a divorce attorney for moving forward with leaving her husband. That being said, she has also come up with a “five-point plan”—basically a list of ultimatums—for Sanders to agree to. If he does agree to this list of demands, she’ll re-consider the divorce proceedings.

One important piece of this reported plan that Rupert must agree to is an updated prenuptial agreement which results in better terms for Ross in the event that the couple does end up in Splitsville.

A source that is close to the couple has been quoted as stating, “Rupert’s desperate to patch things up so I’m sure he’d do anything.” If that’s the case, then Ross is one smart woman; she sure seems to be covering all of her bases before letting this guy back into her life!

It’s obvious that the couple already had a pre-nup in place—and that the terms were not favorable towards Ross. If she can get him to reconsider this sticking point, she can be pretty secure in the fact that he wants to work things out. That being said, there’s nothing to say that Ross couldn’t just file for divorce and run with the new pre-nup terms after they’re signed off on. There definitely aren’t a lot of Hollywood wives that would be able to resist that temptation, especially after their husband had cheated on them!

The list also reportedly includes an agreement to attend couple’s counseling, which is pretty expected in a case like this. There’s also “one thing” that can’t be discussed. A good guess on what it is? That Rupert Sanders stay FAR away from Kristen Stewart or his marriage will be over faster than you can say “Snow White”. (The People Newspaper)

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