Rush Limbaugh: Gaining Support After Libs Go Too Far

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The liberals are out to ruin Rush Limbaugh. They made him issue an apology that wasn’t very sincere, they guilted advertisers into bailing on his show all because he played right into the hands of their manufactured liberal plan. They bombarded the media with story after story about him being an anti-woman, racist devil. Did they sit back and relish in their victory? Of course not; and because of their blood lust, the entire thing may just blow up in their faces.

Flag of the United StatesAlong come Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem telling the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to get Limbaugh off the air! According to these women, Limbaugh’s ‘dehumanizing’ show doesn’t ‘serve the public interest’. Attorney Marc J. Randazza says, “It is a terrifying prospect that the government might review the political and social positions of a broadcaster when deciding who gets access to the airwaves. Should the government censor books that it finds to be unpopular or offensive?”

The people who want the government to dictate who is on the airwaves are the same people who want an equal number of liberal radio talk shows to counter the overwhelming amount of conservative shows, ratings be damned. Randazza adds, “There is no clearer ‘public interest’ than the dissemination of political speech. Limbaugh brings together millions of listeners who share his views.” The Left has no right to take away a source of information from the Right just because they don’t like the speech. The First Amendment doesn’t allow for the silencing of Rush Limbaugh.

Bill Maher and other hardcore liberals are coming out in defense of Limbaugh’s right to speak. By asking for FCC intervention, Fonda, Morgan and Steinem look weak. When they try to fight for their side by shutting the opposing side down, it’s just hypocritical. It’s almost laughable that the women claim “This isn’t political,” and go on to say “While we disagree with Limbaugh’s politics, what’s at stake is the fallout of a society tolerating toxic, hate-inciting speech….or else claimed he’s really “doing humor” or “entertainment.” Really, where were they when Janeane Garofalo busted out the hate on Air America? Hypocrites.

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