Rush Limbaugh: Hurricane Isaac is Obama’s Fault

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Rush Limbaugh is known for saying controversial things about the other party, but now the conservative radio talk show host is claiming that Hurricane Isaac (now Tropical Storm Isaac) is the fault of the Obama administration – or at least the hype surrounding it.

Tropical Storm Isaac, which is expected to be upgraded to hurricane status as soon as Friday, is due to hit the coast of the United States somewhere around the southern tip of Florida. However, forecasters aren’t sure if the storm will hit Miami, or will change course and move to Tampa, where this week’s Republican National Convention is being held next week.

Rush LimbaughThe model most widely thought to be authoritative by forecasters shows a good chance of Isaac hitting Tampa dead on, an event that would likely not only postpone or cancel the GOP National Convention, but may be disastrous for the city. However, Limbaugh apparently thinks that the Obama administration is behind the media coverage of the storm, and it is all part of an effort to rid the country of the Republican party.

Despite how outlandish the claim seems, Limbaugh said on his program Wednesday that “The National Hurricane Center, a government agency, (is) very hopeful that the hurricane gets near Tampa.” This is because, according to Limbaugh, “The National Hurricane Center is Obama. The National Weather Service is part of the Commerce Department,” he says. “It’s Obama.”

The radio host added, “we don’t need the National Hurricane Center. We don’t need all these weather dolts analyzing this (the hurricane) for us.” So, Mr. Limbaugh, does that mean that the public should listen to you, and your expert meteorological opinions? You do have a degree in meteorology, right? Right?

This is somewhat reminiscent of stereotypical anti-government types often shown on television reality shows or in movies. “The beast has many heads and one of them is the National Weather Service”, et cetera, ad nauseam.

One thing is as clear as day, pun intended. Rush Limbaugh is going to look like an idiot if Isaac hits Tampa after he told his listeners not to worry about it. Readers in the Southern Florida area should keep an eye out for him. He lives in Palm Beach, and you might just see him on his roof licking his finger and calculating wind direction.

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