Rush Limbaugh is Responsible for Many Losses

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Rush Limbaugh is taking responsibility for Mitt Romney losing the election, but he hasn’t accepted responsibility for bankrupting Dial Global, the latest company to suffer from the obnoxious radio host’s comments. Dial Global is removing itself from the NASDAQ. The hatred spewed from Rush and the extreme Republican party has hurt a slew of radio companies in advertising dollars. The Sandra Fluke comment is cited as being the reason that many advertisers went elsewhere. If Republicans want to point the finger at a reason for businesses going bankrupt, they need look no farther than in the mirror.

The narcissistic radio host told Republicans earlier this week the he was the “primary reason” Mitt Romney lost the election and that the media will never let them be seen as pro-immigration. He calls Republicans “incompetent” if they believe themselves to be pro-immigration. No wonder the Republicans on Gather resort to name-calling as their first line of defense. Their oracle does it on a daily basis. Calling a girl a “slut” and a “prostitute” for wanting birth control pills, he also attacked Dolores Huerta earlier in 2012, calling her a “Marxist.” And he goes on to slam her for 10 minutes about her statement that “Republicans hate Latinos.” The king of hate is criticizing someone who uses the word hate?

Rush Limbaugh by Ian MarsdenLimbaugh goes on to say, “And I am, by the way, the primary reason the Republican Party will keep losing, until I am denounced by the Republican Party.” He certainly thinks very highly of himself. Wonder if he learned that in rehab?

Any decent Republican should be highly offended at any association with Rush Limbaugh or any implication that he speaks for them. Even if Rush retires and resigns from his role as the mouth of the extreme Republicans, is it really going to help the party? Perhaps, but it’s likely too late for Dial Global as they also posted losses this last quarter. It’s not Obamacare that is hurting business, it’s extreme-right, hateful Republicans.

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