Rush Limbaugh trouble a Fluke?

Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown University student, Sandra Fluke, a slut on his talk show. Has Rush Limbaugh gone over the top? Advertisers are leaving him, and Sandra Fluke may Rush Limbaugh.

Quite honestly, I am a conservative, but name calling is not a game winning strategy. Although Rush Limbaugh has made a fortune saying and doing outrageous things. He is reportedly not backing down from his comments.

I wondered why he would call Sandra Fluke a slut, and I found that he doesn’t like her views on contraception. Limbaugh shows a lack of respect for anyone with whom he disagrees.

Will he fold? Glenn Beck went too far in my opinion, and Rush Limbaugh may have just done the same thing. He owes Sandra Fluke a public apology unless he has evidence that she really is a slut, and that would be hard to prove in stretch of the imagination.

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