Russell Armstrong Dead: Taylor blamed!

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Russell Armstrong has committed suicide and his ex-wife is blaming his current wife, Taylor (they were also getting divorced)! In the midst of this absolute tragedy, Barbara Frederickson, his first wife, says that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor is to blame for his suicide. In fact, Frederickson claims that Taylor “drove him” to do it!

“She’s not who she says she is and I told him to please White rose 17 0052be careful with this woman… I warned him! She’s bad news and she drove him into this,” Frederickson told Radar Online.

Many people tell the family of a suicide victim not to blame themselves, and to know that there is nothing that they could have done to prevent it. However, Frederickson wasted no time running to the media and blabbing about how awful of a person Taylor Armstrong is. There really isn’t a need for that at a time like this… or ever.

“I don’t think it was the show. I think she [Taylor] drove him into financial stress and it just ruined him,” Frederickson continued. How terrible of her to talk like this on the same day that the world found out the news! Russell had a lot of problems, many made evident on the first season of the popular Bravo show. However, he had many more problems that the public didn’t get to see, thus pushing him to kill himself.

The real tragedy here lies with Russell’s children. He has a son with Barbara and a daughter with Taylor. They are the ones who are going to suffer the most and everything else is elementary.

Shame on Frederickson for bashing Taylor.

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