Russell Armstrong suicide: He felt out of control

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Russell Armstrong felt “out of control” according to one of his friends. The husband of housewife, Taylor, committed suicide Monday night, and even though he was going through a lot, his friend says that this was totally unexpected.
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“He was so angry about everything but never did anyone suspect he would kill himself. He had lost everything, Taylor, his daughter, he was being sued. He felt totally out of control of his own life. Everything was spinning out of control,” Russell’s friend told Us Weekly.

If nothing more, this tragic event should serve as an example to people. If you know someone who is going through a really hard time—no matter what the situation may be—you should always try to talk to them and check in with them often. You just never know the state of mind that someone is in and your phone call could save someone’s life. Many times suicide victims’ friends and families will say that they never expected it or something like “he was depressed but…” People must remove the “but.” Always.

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