Russell Armstrong’s Family Will Watch Premiere of ‘Real Housewives’

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Despite his death, Russell Armstrong’s family still plans on watching tonight’s premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

News of Russell Armstrong’s untimely death hit newsstands on August 16th with all kinds of reports as to why Armstrong ended his own life the day before. The main reason suspected was his money problems which were well known as he and estranged wife, Taylor Armstrong, featured their lives on the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and often focused on how dire their financial situation was. Shortly before his death, however, Russell Armstrong appeared to be worried about his image as he confided in a friend about his worries of how he would be portrayed in the show. Obviously Taylor was the focus of the reality show, and he worried that they would make him look like a bad guy.

Although it may not be completely clear why he ended his own life, one thing is for sure, Russell’s family is going to make sure his nightmares don’t come true. His family plans on getting together tonight and watching the premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and if Russell is depicted in any way that they consider to be defamatory, they plan on taking legal action. Bravo did say they were editing the footage, but they better hope for their sake (and the sake of their wallet) that they were editing out those negative depictions of Russell Armstrong.

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