Russell Brand at Law Office after Filing for Divorce from Katy Perry

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British comedian Russell Brand was spotted entering and leaving a law office in London on the same day that he filed divorce papers to end his 14-month marriage with Katy Perry. Brand’s legal team filed the papers in Los Angeles on his behalf, and it is possible that his visit at the solicitor’s office in the United Kingdom was related to his providing a signature for the documents. Given the 8-hour time difference between London and L.A., the photos would potentially match up with the initial news break and press release from Russell’s camp. Katy Perry still hasn’t released a statement on the divorce.

Many who have speculated about an impending divorce between the two seem to be surprised that Russell Brand was the filing spouse, but in the end it seems quite proper. While Katy may be considered the more beautiful member of the marriage, Russell, despite his career as a funny man, seemed to be leaps and bounds ahead of the California Gurls singer in terms of maturity.

After contemplating her love of alcohol and his status as a recovering drug addict and his passion for causes and meditation and her love of fun and parties, the Just Jared photos of Russell Brand leaving a law office and his choosing to file for divorce seem much more justified. While Brand may always adore Katy Perry, as he said in his official statement on the divorce, living with her may not have been good for him.

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