Russell Brand Blasts Host for Bringing Up Katy Perry Divorce Drama

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Russell Brand went into attack mode when the subject of his divorce from Katy Perry was brought up. The comedian is on a press tour to promote his film, Rock of Ages, when the tired old subject was introduced into the interview. Russell joked about his divorce at the MTV Movie Awards, but apparently he is the only one who allowed to talk about it. That seems fair enough considering it is his life.

Russell blasted Graham Norton and said, “My mom is here. She got upset when you dragged up my marriage. I saw her cry.” He is fiercely protective of the women in his life and started in on the host, “That’s the reality because it’s real people, Graham, that’s my real mom. I have come here to promote a film, and you made my mom cry.”

It is easy to forget celebrities are real humans who experience real emotions. They seem to be on another level and above emotions, but Russell made it quite clear the divorce has not been easy on his family. Russell was not interested in hearing any excuses and called out the host when he tried to blame the question on the fact Katy Perry had been on the show last week.

Russell Brand was quite adamant the subject could have been avoided and told Graham how he should have gone about approaching it if he absolutely had to. It would have been common courtesy to prepare the actor ahead of time, but some hosts like to surprise their guests just to get a genuine reaction.

Was Russell right to scold Graham Norton or should he just accept his fate as a celebrity?

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