Russell Brand Caught in New Hobby Post Katy Perry Divorce

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Russell Brand appears to have taken up a new hobby since his divorce from Katy Perry. The comedian may look a little funny carrying a yoga matt, but perhaps he is just looking for a little calm in his life.

Brand, was photographed by paparazzi as he left a Los Angeles yoga studio this week. Something seemed a bit different about Russell. Brand’s hair was in a bun, he wore an odd brown and white ensemble, and he was toting his rolled up yoga matt. Now, it is reported that Brand is using the yoga classes to help him find peace after the Katy Perry divorce.

“You can just use it to have a relax… it’s like a shower for your brain. God knows I needed one, the muck that goes on in there,” claimed Russell in a recent interview.

The thing is, unlike most things in Russell Brand’s life that seem a bit out of control and completely off the wall, the yoga classes seem pretty sincere. Of course, Russell could stand to lose the odd outfit.

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